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London Essence Fresh Serve Fount


A world first from The London Essence Company, you can now provide our premium tonics on draught across the UK, with London Essence Fresh Serve.

The sleek, luxurious design of the Fresh Serve dispenser is sure to draw the eye of your customers, whilst the whirling vortex in the pillar of the tap represents the live infusion of botanicals, which sets this tonic apart.


There are five different tonics to choose from, all of which are delivered through patented micro-dosing technology at the point of pour, for the purest flavour possible. Despite the intricate infusion process taking place behind the scenes, our Fresh Serve dispenser is delightfully simple to operate – saving your team valuable service time restocking the most popular tonic lines.

More than just an elegant addition to your bar, a London Essence Fresh Serve dispenser is a sustainable selection, capable of up to 1,000 serves with a 96% reduction in packaging and lower CO2 emissions. 

Put simply, Fresh Serve will transform the G&T experience in your establishment, bringing tonic into the limelight, and providing the perfect opportunity for your bartenders to recommend superior spirits. Simple and stylish, yet sustainable – showcase your good taste with London Essence Fresh Serve, and your clientele will reap the benefits.


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