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Established 1896. Refreshed 2016.

Our journey starts on the banks of the Thames in 1896, where the founders of The London Essence Company began to develop exquisite essences, for the city’s finest perfume houses.

Using a pioneering distillation process, combined with the intricate art of layering flavours, they created delicate essences, unparalleled in depth and fragrance.


It’s this innovative heritage that informs our expertise today. Inspired by the careful craft and imagination of the original firm, The London Essence Company now creates luxurious drinks, with purest flavours derived from quality ingredients.

An ensemble of botanicals is artfully selected by flavour experts, and gently distilled until their true essence is captured. The result is a premium mixer that doesn’t cloak the flavour of the spirit it accompanies, but rather accentuates it.

London Essence Collection


Our luxe mixer collection has grown to include tonics, sodas and lemonade and gingers, each delicately light and low in calories, without an artificial sweetener in sight. Instead, every product delivers a thoughtfully calibrated taste profile, designed to enhance a premium spirit, or present an exquisite standalone drinking experience.

The London Essence Company infuses contemporary beverages with the glamour and nostalgia of the old world, to effortlessly elevate any occasion. When you choose a drink from our collection, you’re choosing good taste, and an intelligent union of flavours your guests are sure to notice.

You’ll find us in an array of highly-regarded establishments, including some of The World’s 50 Best Bars – an elite list we’re delighted to be partnered with. Across the globe, a handful of the most talented bartenders use our mixer collection to fashion their creations, but our products are also available much closer to home, in selected department stores and supermarkets. You could even try composing a cocktail yourself, with our range of Exquisite Bundles, which feature all the elements required for a successful aperitif.

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