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In 2021, young people are choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle more than ever before. So, reducing your intake – or even going completely tee-total – is quickly becoming a popular wellness choice. Many drinks brands are releasing zero proof versions of their signature products to cater to this trend, but there are plenty of emerging start-ups offering 0% artisanal spirits, wine and beer too.

When you’re out on a date – it’s natural to feel a little self-conscious about your choice of drink, and with so many options to choose from, it’s easy get flustered when you need to order.


Andrea Brulatti – London Essence Prestige Brand Ambassador – knows his way around some of London’s best bars, he’s seen it all. He also knows a thing or two about what makes the perfect drink. We asked him what his thoughts were on making the switch to a non-alcoholic beverage:

“If you or your date don’t drink, or perhaps you just fancy reducing your alcohol intake, there are loads of great options to try.”

“One of my favourite bars for low alcoholic strength beverages, is the award-winning Connaught Bar. Based on the ground floor of The Connaught Hotel, they are world famous for making some of the most innovative, exciting and delicious drinks with and without alcohol.”


Stylish and atmospheric with an extensive drinks menu – The Connaught is the perfect spot for a first date, especially if you want to stick to soft drinks, without giving up the look and flavour of your favourite cocktail. Keep reading as we share Andrea’s top three non-alcoholic cocktails from behind the bar:


With exotic flavours inspired by the many international travellers who’ve passed through the Connaught over the years, this mocktail has a base of Bourgoin Verjus – a tart, non-alcoholic grape juice. Other featured ingredients include clarified berries, yoghurt and London Essence White Peach & Jasmine Crafted Soda.



This zero-proof cocktail pays homage to the elegant marble catwalk floor of the Connaught, by recreating this aesthetic in your glass. Made with invigorating ginseng and bergamot

kombucha, Osmanthus honey cordial and alcohol-free Sauvignon Blanc, this taste sensation truly elevates non-alcoholic drinks to a new level.



Served in a classic coupe glass, the sculpted ice in this cocktail refracts the light, mirroring the playful luminosity of the Connaught from sunrise to sunset. Iron Lights is made with a fragrant, floral non-alcoholic spirit called Aecorn Dry, and incorporates contrasting top notes of fermented coconut and lime sherbet. 


We asked Dan Dove – drinks industry expert, and founder of Global Bartending Talent Agency – precisely this question.

Dan partly credits “the steadily growing wellness movement that is inspiring people to make healthier choices”, but also mentions that the pandemic has played a part. “With 18 months of clubs being shut and bars only opening intermittently, a lot of people have simply got used to life without hangovers.”

“For many, the next morning’s hangover is no longer considered worth the night of heavy drinking when you can have just as much fun seeing friends and drinking some delicious drinks that include little or no alcohol.”



At London Essence, we’ve always believed in the value and flavour of exquisite drinks – alcoholic or otherwise. Our mixers are light in both sugar and calories, so they’re the perfect choice for a tee-total date, whether you’re ordering at your favourite cocktail bar, or whipping up a mocktail at home.

Whether your cocktail calls for tonic, ginger ale, or one of our crafted sodas, every London Essence mixer has a carefully balanced flavour profile, with purest flavours from distilled botanicals. So, you can breathe new life into the ritual of date night drinks – without risking a sore head the next day.

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