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It’s no secret that on a first date, first impressions are crucial. The key to a first date is making a good first impression. From box-fresh shoes to a clean-cut shirt or a new manicure – the details make all the difference. And it turns out your choice of drink says a lot about you, too. With such an array of flavours to explore, why not set the tone of your date with your toast?

London Essence has paired up with Shar Fuller – the co-founder of Mai Tai, a matchmaking website for busy professionals. Here, she’s matched personality profiles with luxurious drinks, to help you turn first impressions into a second date.


Confidence is widely considered one of the most sought-after, attractive qualities in a stranger, so imagine being able to embody this trait on your first date? Little did we know, a detail like your drinks order can help to showcase your confidence, so long as you say it with conviction.

A whisky or rum-based drink – like a Dark ’N’ Stormy or an Old Fashioned – gives off a sense of sophistication that’s sure to put your date at ease. Meanwhile, tequila is often associated with adventure, so ordering a tequila-based cocktail could signal your open-mindedness, and an appetite for exciting experiences; qualities that are sure to make you a hit.


A cultured date brings a lot to the table; expect exciting travel stories, top-tier podcast recommendations, and great taste when it comes to food and drink. So, what does the cultured date drink?

Choosing a local craft beer – particularly from an independent brewery – will speak volumes, while wine from a particular region or grape is sure to pique the interest of your date. Cultured drinkers appreciate flavours from all over the world, and have a particularly good eye for flavour pairings. They’re known for tuning into the details and making an effort with the little things… what’s not to like?


For most of us, popping open a bottle of champagne or prosecco signifies a celebration, achievement or special occasion. But ordering this decadent delight on a first date is a sure sign of spontaneity, and will instantly elevate the experience, bringing a splash of contagious excitement.

The carefree dates who go all out with a glass of fizz see every occasion as an opportunity for a little mischief, and a chance to put more fun into the everyday. Similarly, those who gravitate towards vodka-based cocktails tend to enjoy being at the heart of the action, and often thrive in a group date setting.


Comfort and familiarity surrounds traditionalists. They know what they like, and they aren’t afraid to buck the trend. Quietly self-assured, a traditionalist date will relax into the evening with ease, which creates the perfect environment for getting to know each other.

Traditionalists tend to be serious about finding something – or even someone –   good, and when they do, they’ll hold on tight. Often opting for a classic gin or martini cocktail, they’ll also know their preferred brand of spirit and mixer – you wouldn’t expect anything less.

Date nights should be fun, and getting to know someone for the first time is exciting. While first impressions are key, what’s more important than your drink (or your dress) is to simply be yourself.

If you’re looking to mix up your drinks order, or perhaps perfect your usual, why not check out our drinks recipes for some inspiration? We have everything from timeless cocktails to bold new combinations, all effortlessly finished off with London Essence elegance. And next time you’re out wining and dining, see what your date’s drink choice tells you.

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