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To celebrate the much-anticipated London Cocktail Month in October 2021, we once again opened the doors to The Essence House. Nestled in the heart of Covent Garden, the two-floor, immersive cocktail experience was designed to charm the taste buds, allowing guests to reimagine taste and discover their true palate profile.

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In partnership with Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart – one of the very few experts dedicated to the science of gastronomy and flavour perception in the UK – The Essence House sought to take guests on a journey of discovery. Through a series of immersive taste and aroma tests, guests uncovered their sensitivity to sweet, acidic and bitter flavours, helping to build a picture of their palate and its flavour preferences.

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The 60-minute experience culminated in a masterclass on the art of cocktail presentation, and a bespoke cocktail tailored to their personal taste. Guests also discovered tips for adding their own unique twists to their home cocktail creations and uncovered cocktail combinations and recommendations to enjoy when visiting a bar. And finally, to wrap up the true taste extravaganza, guests were invited to relax in The London Essence Bar. Here, they savoured a second exquisite cocktail, created by talented bartenders in the luxe surroundings of the stunning Carriage Hall.

“Put it this way, as staunch gin and rum drinkers we weren’t expecting our flavour profile to reveal our preferred spirit as a botanical vodka.

But paired with our selected bubbles, The London Essence Company White Peach and Jasmine Crafted Soda, it worked a charm.” –– The Cocktail Lovers

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Downstairs in the London Cocktail Month Main Bar, guests enjoyed an expertly curated collection of cocktails, including signature serves from a selection of the UK and Europe’s leading bars. Plus, the very latest cocktail gadgets were on show, as well as inspirational events and masterclasses hosted by our fantastic partners.

“When it comes to London Cocktail Month, the Essence House is the beating, thumping heart” –– BarChick

We thoroughly enjoyed hosting visitors at The Essence House this year, and we can’t wait to see what next year will bring. It’s never too early to get excited for this event, so read more on London Cocktail Week or try your hand at a little home mixology with our collection of cocktail recipes.

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