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Bright, crisp and fresh, our unique Pink Grapefruit Crafted Soda has been perfectly orchestrated to deliver a symphony of aroma and flavor by blending zesty high notes with savory undertones.

Zesty pink grapefruit artfully layers with an aromatic lime leaf distillate to provide a fresh, green herbal note and clean, refreshing finish.

Perfectly balanced, and truly thirst quenching, this soda deliciously elevates premium Tequila, Vodka and Rum, resulting in a truly elegant and flavorful drinking experience.


Our expertly crafted soda has been designed to elevate an array of classic cocktails and mocktails, from the charismatic Paloma to the refreshing Mojito. Alternatively, effortlessly enhance the spirit of your choice.

Its truly distinctive flavor profile also means it performs spectacularly as a soft drink, too. Serve over large ice cubes and garnish with a twist of lime zest for an exquisitely fragrant finish.

Luxurious, yet light and low-calorie, our Pink Grapefruit Crafted Soda is a must-have addition to any fridge.

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