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The London Essence Company uses traditional distillation techniques to create light and elegant drinks for the 21st century. Using distilled essences, imagination and input from leading bartenders, we’ve crafted a range of carefully calibrated mixers with a contemporary edge.

Our entire collection is delicately light and low in calories, with naturally sourced sweetness and no more than 20 calories per 3.4 fl oz. The result is a more sophisticated flavour profile that flatters discerning palates and allows the distinct notes of a spirit partner to shine through.



London Essence Company mixers are inspired by tradition but designed for creativity, with balanced flavour profiles that add range and variety to the bartender’s armoury.

Their lightness is designed to accentuate the flavour of the world’s finest spirits, bringing out the best in premium gins, vodkas, rums and other dark spirits; and their distilled essences are perfect for today’s love of the authentic. With lower sweetness and no more than 20 calories per 100ml, they ensure cocktails and mixed drinks remain elegant and light.

Here are a few contemporary combinations; feel free to experiment.


You can order London Essence mixers at many of the finest bars in the UK, and in cities across the globe including Berlin, Paris, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

“I really like the flavour combinations produced by adding the distilled essence. It means they're not just mixers, but mixers with thoughtful profiles. They are so versatile; they can be paired with any spirit.”


Globally Renowned Bartender

Our Story


Our journey starts on the banks of the Thames in 1896, where the founders of The London Essence Company began to develop exquisite essences, for the city’s finest perfume houses.

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